About Us

Building public trust in our united profession

Last year’s strategic manifesto gave us a mandate for change, with a clear purpose, vision and overarching objectives. It also reasserted our Royal Charter commitment to “secure and justify the confidence of the public”.


During the last year, we have further developed this into a framework that outlines what we need to do to deliver the manifesto promises, including:

  • Our focus
  • Our activity
  • Our success criteria
  • And our behaviours in driving this change.

For the first time, the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) is publishing its Net Promoter Score (NPS). Many organisations solicit their customers’ feedback and NPS is a widely-used measure based on likelihood to recommend.

In 2017, CII members scored us +17, up from +11 in 2015. While there is room for improvement, this is a good indicator of progression and with our clear focus on delivering more relevant membership experiences, we are confident that our NPS will reflect improved member perceptions in future.

The NPS is just one of the ways in which the CII measures its performance. The newly launched Public Trust Index allows us to benchmark the success of our united profession in building public trust, for example, and is just one of the 10 strategic measures that demonstrate the impact of our transformation programme.



Total revenue for the year was £42.1m with revenue from membership services and subscription services up 4%


126k members